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Once upon a time, humans and supernatural species lived in harmony.

The country has been at war for hundreds of years, no one knows why it began but many suggest that it started over a land conflict, long ago. Humans began to realize that if they used the supernatural species as soldiers in their wars, they would have more advanced and powerful soldiers. Experiments were done, creatures that were neither human nor supernatural were created, supernatural species were kidnapped and forced into the military to fight for their country. Child soldiers were the norm.

Some were lucky, shielded and protected so they were never found. Others died before the military could ever capture them.

Katlynn was taken from her family as a child, when she was one day out enjoying the beach. Selkies shed their seal skin to blend in with the humans they so fear, and remain undetected in land. Someone found the skin she had hidden and taken it, and a selkie is bound to their skin - so Katlynn was unable to return to the ocean. She was enlisted in the military and entrusted to a superior officer, a fire elemental, who was instructed to keep her seal skin locked away to keep her compelled to obey him. Katlynn was a fiery child who didn't take well to orders, often reminding him that although she was bound to this location because of what he possessed she was under no obligation to listen to his commands.

Once the war ended everyone was set free, an order by the new president in charge. Children were encouraged to attend schools and mingle with the population - but prejudices still remained, supernaturals were hated, shut out, murdered for their differences. Humans had the strength by sheer numbers, if nothing else.

Katlynn was released and sent to a school by her commanding officer, to protect her from violence she might endure staying behind. (This is a "Good End" Katlynn that will be coming to mythian before the time that she would die in her story.)
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